Papaya Leaves Extract Cure Cancer

Papaya Leaves Extracts Cure Cancer Tumor


Recent research shows that papaya leaves extract has healing properties against a wide range of cancer tumors. Papaya can also be known as paw paw. Studies have show that the papaya leaves extract improves the immune system and kills the cancer tumor especially for lung cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer and pancreatic cancer patients.


Studies had shown that papaya leaves extract produce molecules called Th1 Th1 type of cytokine which can help to improve the body's immune system and in return, helps the body to fight cancer cells. Hence papaya leaf extracts has treatment cancer properties hidden in it. One may ask whether papaya leaves or paw paw leaves extract also kills other body cells like chemotherapy.  The answer is that the papaya leaves extract is non-toxic, hence has no negative effect on our normal body cells.  For this reason, papaya leaves extract has the benefit over chemotherapy that kills the cancer cell along with all the other normal cells in the body.


Studies has shown that through using papaya leaves extract on 10 types of cancer cell culture, observation has shown that the growth of the tumor cells for all the ten types of cancer cell has slowed down with 24 hours.


Beside papaya leaves extract, the papaya fruit has also been used as alternative traditional medicine by the Aborigines in Australia, countries in Asian especially in China and Vietnam and Malaysia to treat cancer and other diseases.


Papaya Leave Extracts Improves Your metabolism Rate


A person who is ill will have poor metabolism.  By eating papaya, your metabolism will improve. Enzymes from papaya has a function to stimulate the appetite and increase the digestive enzymes production, hence improves the metabolism and blood count for patients suffering from cancer to recover faster.


Papaya Leaves Extract Dosages For Fighting Cancer


A general guideline, a person suffering from cancer can take the following papaya leaves extracts recipe:-

  • Pick 2 leaves of papaya leaves equivalent to the size of your palm.

  • Give the papaya leave a good wash.

  • Extract the juice with a juicer. 

  • Drink the juice three times a day. 

The papaya leaves juice is very bitter. Hence you may have the option of sweeten it with a bit of honey.


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