Papaya Leaves Extracts Cures Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever

Papaya Leave Extracts Cures Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever


Papaya which is also know as Carica papaya in Latin or Paw Paw, is a plant found in tropical countries, has many health healing properties and nutrients.


These secret natural healing properties was not known to many parts of the western world until recent years hence they were rarely used as health remedies.  Papaya leave and fruit is used as natural cure many diseases, such as anti diabetic, dengue hemorrhagic fever.


This can be proven by a true story where by a young child whom I personally know, was admitted to hospital for dengue hemorrhagic fever.  The doctors tried many drugs but was unable to improve his condition and sadly, they inform the parents that there is nothing much they can do to save the child's live. 


Desperately, the parents search high and low for alternative medicine and came across the healing properties of papaya leaves extract.  They immediately tried this method, giving the child papaya leaves extract and miraculously, the child's condition improved within two days of drinking the papaya leaves extract and was discharged from the hospital.


Papaya Medicinal Properties For Natural Cure For Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever


The dengue virus tend to affects the platelet production of our body. The platelets in our body will last for 5 to 10 days and the body will replenishes them. However, dengue virus can destroy the body's ability to produce new platelets, hence the patient's platelet count will start to fall. If the platelet count drop below 50,000 per microlitre, it can become fatal. A fall in platelet count will prevent the blood clotting mechanism in our body, leading to internal and external hemorrhaging with is almost irreversible. 


Papaya has many medicinal properties for natural healing purposes. Papaya leaves, fruits, and stems contain latex which has many enzymes and terpeniods. The content of terpenoids compounds that are normally present in plants. Content terpenoids are commonly found in symbiotic plants. This compound is widely available in oil or vegetable juice produced and can be used as a drug. These compounds are abundant in oil or extract and the resulting plants can be used as a medicine.

Enzyme contained in papaya latex is an enzyme papain. Enzymes in the enzyme papain papaya rubber. This enzyme helps to break down the protein molecule which can be used to soften tough meat. This enzyme works to break protein molecules, which can be used to soften hard meat.

Because of this particular enzyme property, drinking papaya leave extracts helps increase the production of platelets and are used to heal patients who is suffering serious dengue hemorrhagic fever. Blood counts increases after drinking papaya juice or raw papaya leaf juice.


How To Prepare Papaya Leave Juice Extract

  • Wash the papaya leaves with running water. 

  • Ideally it should be one big leave per person per dosage, 3 to 4 times a day, depending on the patient's condition. You should not over do it.

  • The raw papaya leaves are pounded and squeezed to get the papaya juice. Alternatively, you can use a juicer to squeeze out the papaya leave juice. 

  • It is important that the raw papaya leaves are used and not the cooked ones.  In addition, the papaya leaves should be used, the papaya stems and leaves stems should be discarded.

  • The juice should be drunk before meal.

  • You can mix the papaya leave juice with some lemon juice which can help to cover the unpleasant taste.

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